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Small Desserts

Small Dessert Options

Macarons, mini cupcakes, gooey butter bites, standard cupcakes, lemon bar bites, tagalong bar bites, lime bar bites, orange bar bites, cookies, brownie bites, sugar cookies, cream puffs, rice krispy bites and more upon request!


All small desserts can vary in size for what your specific vision is. I have some standard sizing for each item, but what to be sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. This is why prices range so greatly for small desserts. It is best to email or call to discuss.


Small Desserts range in price from $2.50 up to $6.00! These prices are to be discussed depending on size, amount, and flavors. I am happy to write you a quote for any items you are interested in!


Dessert favors are an amazing thing to send your guests with and all our small dessert options are great for favors! I am happy to provide boxes or bags for this at market cost. You are also more than welcome to find fun boxes or bags with something that goes with your day and theme and I will put the desserts into whatever you choose!

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