Setup for all wedding cakes includes delivery, the cake being built and finished with toppers, flowers, and placed on stand. Flowers can be provided for market pricing, but I highly encourage you to call your florist if you have one and let them know you would like florals for your cake that match your existing florals. This option is cheaper and more likely to match your colors. 

Setup fee- $40

Setup for small desserts OR dessert favors includes deliver, plating, and arranging dessert table. For favors includes bagging/boxing. 

Small desserts setup- $40

Setup for cake AND small desserts includes all of the above and is bundled.

Bundled cake AND small desserts setup- $55

I currently do not offer any stands or platters to rent. I have a few really awesome recommendations on who to do this through or how to acquire the ones you would like. I would love to be apart of picking them out if you would like help and are planning on purchasing or renting.